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Kinefinity Terra 4K / Terra 6K

Kinefinity Terra 4K / Terra 6K

Colin Elves

Ari Rothschild and Noah Yuan-Vogel did some comparison tests between the KineTerra 4K, Terra 6K, Red Helium and Arri Alexa in New York Recently: https://vimeo.com/253066273

Ari has the Raw files on GoogleDrive at the moment - I can ask him if I can share it here if anyone is interested. 

The main things that aren’t covered by this is the strange Rainbow flares that plague the Terra 4K (seemingly an issue with the OLPF - similar to one Red had a while back apparently).

And the very strong Moiré that plagues the 6K when pixel binning to avoid bad rolling shutter/shoot highspeed/shoot high DR. 

There also seem to be some early Red-level reliability issues.

On paper they do look good though. 

Colin Elves
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On 3 Jan 2018, at 18:16, Fahnon <fahnon@...> wrote:

Thanks for doing this, Geoff.  I own the C200 and am very curious about what you have to say in stage 3!

Fahnon Bennett
Brooklyn, New York

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