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Re: Sony VENICE camera - word on the street

Re: Sony VENICE camera - word on the street

Toby Oliver <tobyoliver@...>

Yes I have been doing some initial tests with the Venice in prep for a feature film; I was most interested in testing with anamorphic glass.

I found the imagery to be totally comparable with Alexa (which I know very well) and also the newest REDs, Helium and Monstro 8K. Testing was with the same lenses, Cooke anamorphics. By no means was I doing the most rigorous empirical tests but to the eye when color timed to match they all look virtually identical; similar dynamic range and color rendition, at normal light levels at least. 

I was quite keen on the Venice for our movie but unfortunately at launch this month the camera does not have any variable speed capability (that comes with the Firmware 2.0 in August) and we need a fair bit of that.

But the Venice looked very nice and I like the way Sony have set up the various sensor modes for true 4K S35, 4K Anamorphic and 6K full frame all in one camera. And the internal 8-step ND’s that go up in increments of 1 stop are wonderful, you don’t have to carry any glass filter ND’s at all.

We didn't get to testing the full workflow but it records to the Sony X-OCN compressed raw format which is considerably smaller files sizes compared to say, ARRIRAW, and supposedly retains all the image quality from the sensor.

Interesting camera.


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On Feb 3, 2018, at 10:36 AM, medavoym via Cml.News <medavoym=yahoo.com@...> wrote:


What is the word on the street re: SONY VENICE camera?
In terms of image quality…

I know my question is a bit vague, just wanted to see what people think about it, after playing with the demo models, shooting, playing with the footage...
Does it compare with the other high-end options? Arri Alexa, Amira, Red Weapon, etc. Is it in the same league?

Is the image filmic, is it closer to Arri then to RED, is the color science reminiscent of film (like the Sony F35) or closer to a digital feel, like the other Sony models?

Thanks! Just trying to see if people think this would be a winner and a great option for feature filmmaking at the highest end.
All the best!

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