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Re: Sony VENICE camera - word on the street

Re: Sony VENICE camera - word on the street


We on the GSC had a quick look (not a real test) at the Venice. We will post on our experience soon.

Meanwhile, the Venice will definitely be a dual ISO camera

Also false color will be incorporated from v2.0. This was a feature we missed in the preproduction camera we saw.

High frame rate will be a future add on.

Here is the roadmap to the updates, as communicated to me




The first units will be shipped from Japan early next week. We expect that the first units will be at our dealers/ customers around Mid/ 3rd week of Feb.




                1) We will add 25p in Full Frame recording from V2. This is very important for European productions as 25p is the man framerate for Commercials & TV productions

                2) False Colour will be available in V2 instead of V3

                3) Partial Camera Remote via wired LAN connection from V2 onwards. This includes the possibility to remotely Start/Stop Record, change ND filter, Shutter, FPS or EI and the Assign Buttons.

                4) DUAL BASE ISO from V2: This is a complete new feature which will add a second High ISO value next to the Base ISO of 500. The second ISO is 2500. To add ISO 2500 as 2nd BASE ISO gives customers to switch between these two depending on the shooting scenes.

                                ISO 500: Ideal for outside and day scenes

                               ISO 2500: Ideal for night/ dark scenes

With ISO 2500 we will have much lower noise. Also Anamorphic lenses are slower compared to spherical lenses so we can avoid Noise with this feature as well.

Last but not least we can keep our superb latitude of 15+ stops and customer can shoot with ISO 800 when they wish. Just combine ISO2500 and add internal ND filter.

                For example: Set ISO2500 Mode à Change to 3200EI à Add 0.6 ND filter à Camera will be like ISO800               


All details about the new features can be found online:



3) HFR Support

The recording of higher frame rates is currently under development and will be implemented at a later date.




The menu simulator can be found here and works with Tablets and PC/Mac.




The following partners have already released their newest Versions. With others like Adobe or Avid we are in close communication.


-          BlackMagic Design – DaVinci Resolve 14.3

-          Filmlight – Baselight 5.0

-          Assimilate – Scratch


Also our own RAW Viewer has been updated to V3.0 to Support VENICE files. Please download from this link.



Disclaimer: I am a Sony ICE, though I have not served as such for some time




Argyris Theos, gsc


tel. +30 6944 725 315

skype: Argyris.Theos



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