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Re: Updated camera response chart

Re: Updated camera response chart

Rakesh Malik

As Sean pointed out, Red doesn't specify the color space and gamma when you use IPP2. They leave it up to the developers.

Since IPP2 uses RWGRGB + Log3G10 in camera, the correct defaults when the metadata specifies IPP2 but not the color space and gamma curve is the IPP2 color space and gamma curve, which is RWGRGB + Log3G10.

Anything else is therefore a bug, and serves only to create either extra work for those of us who already know what settings to use and confusion for those who don't.

I suspect that most people who are familiar with IPP2 just set the correct color space and gamma for IPP2 and forget that it should have been selected by default. In most software it's a once per project thing, so it's easy to just fix the settings and move on. In times when I've forgotten though, I've run into gamut clipping and surprise highlight clipping during grading when I've forgotten to update those settings.


On Fri, Jan 18, 2019 at 11:23 PM Geoff Boyle <geoff@...> wrote:
I've replied to this on reduser, waiting for the abuse :-) 

It's very simple, if you set the camera to 310 settings etc as shown in the DV CM route then ACEScct will work in Resolve IF you set the raw setting to camera.

If you set the raw setting to manufacture or default it will not be right.

Now this may well be a case of BMD not implementing REDs SDK properly or it could be anything, I don't know.

I just know that it's what happens.

Thats the point of the tests, to find out what actually happens, not what should or what people think will happen.

Just the facts :-)

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