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Rawlite OLPF for Ursa Mini Pro

Rawlite OLPF for Ursa Mini Pro

Geoff Boyle

I had a great visitor today, Hans Hijmering the man behind the Rawlite OLPF.


He came to CML HQ and swapped out the standard filter for his OLPF + IR. It was a surprisingly fast and easy operation. The kit that he is selling includes everything you need including the Torx screwdriver. You need to add a spacer under the electronic connector and a shim to compensate for the new filter.


We shot both a Kodak Grey Scale and an AbelCine resolution chart before and after the change.


We then loaded it into Resolve and checked on a 4K monitor.


I corrected the grade with a simple offset in ACEScct from shot with the original filter and stored the grade. I then applied it to the shot with the new OLPF. As I had already been told it needed a minus 10 green adjustment and then everything matched.


There was a very small difference in the resolution in the finest section of the AbelCine res chart, but it was more a reduction in contrast than a loss of resolution. I tried adding a tiny amount of high frequency sharpening, and I mean tiny, and the difference disappeared.


I’m going to shoot a series of exterior tests when the weather allows, we have heavy overcast and snow now. I want to re-shoot the windmill shot that I did for IBC in sunshine. I had aliasing issues on a wooden building in the background and it will make a good real-world comparison.


I’m still thinking about an IR test 😊


Well worth a look http://rawlite.com/olpf-for-blackmagic-ursa-mini-pro-4-6k/



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