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Re: ORIGINAL Alexa Rec709 LUT?

Re: ORIGINAL Alexa Rec709 LUT?

Mako Koiwai <mako1foto@...>

On Feb 24, 2019, at 08:05, Satya Rai Nagpaul via Cml.News <chayankan=yahoo.com@...> wrote:

Please share what criterions will you use to select a 'consumer monitor' for the grading environment?


If you’ve been following this thread I guess it’s something that offers up the 200 Nits that are being discussed.

All I know is that when we use to do Film transfers on our high end national commercials, setting our looks … the last thing that everyone did was to glance over at the consumer TV off to the side. Of course there was no set standard, other then setting it up using the SMPTE color bars.

makofoto, s. pasadena, ca

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