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Re: Budget Camera Skin Tone shoot out take 2...

Re: Budget Camera Skin Tone shoot out take 2... #poll

Colin Elves

I’m so sorry everyone! There was a bad link in there! (God I’m crap at this).

New link below.


Vote here: https://cml.news/g/cml-raw-log-hdr/vote?pollid=5666


Colin Elves

DP/Terrible Camera Tester!


new poll has been created:

Okay, so... Fairly evidently I messed up when rushing this out the door. I've now taken a bit more time, keyed out the green (more or less)... fixed a couple more issues with white balance and replaced the shot that was overly soft.


The Cameras are all in the same order. So if people want to vote on the new version, lovely, very much appreciated. If they still stand by their previous decision then also great. 


Sorry about the slapdash version before. 


As before, 8 cameras under £10K (plus the Amira for control): Amira, FS7, C200, EVA1, GH5s, Ursa Mini Pro, Red Raven, Kinefinity Terra 4K.




Colin Elves

DP, Berlin

1. Camera A
2. Camera B
3. Camera C
4. Camera D
5. Camera E
6. Camera F
7. Camera G
8. Camera H

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