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Re: Budget Camera Skin Tone shoot out take 2...

Re: Budget Camera Skin Tone shoot out take 2... #poll


I'm actually finding it a challenge to react to color alone and not the apparent sharpness/focus differences, but I'd take A, D and G looking at the wider shots.  Also worried I just shat on Arri in favor of one of the less respected players.  The next step in all this would be to see if the less expensive cams can match the Arri and more importantly how much work goes into that.

On Tue, May 14, 2019 at 11:13 AM Everett Gorel <everett@...> wrote:
Well, this is interesting (if not more confusing) when you include the wide shot. D and E looked best to me in terms of flesh tones on the CU's only, but when viewing the bigger picture, E is just horrendous. Coke can is orange, plants olive... reminds me of the Sony F3. Sorry, no slight to the manufacturer intended. In fact, we still have one in our inventory, and it is flattering to people's faces; just not at all accurate in reproducing colors. It think it shoots OGB:-)

So for me, D is the clear winner in terms of both a very pleasing flesh tone (albeit slightly warm, which I generally prefer), while yielding a nice overall and accurate rendering of other colors and objects in the wider frame. Though perhaps a tad contrasty and challenged to fully handle facial highlights, since this was not a completely controlled test with framing and camera position changing (which could influence how light was hitting the subject relative to lens placement), I didn't allow that to color my overall impression too much. 

On the other side of the spectrum, my least favorites are B and G (with flesh tones looking a bit sallow to me, yellow and green respectively), and the model's skin on H skews magenta with a very flat overall image quality.

Ok, I've probably made an ass out of myself in terms of fragging a nice camera and championing one that may be widely considered as an inferior model, but after all, that's what blind tests are about. Honesty, fun... and sometimes, even surprises. Just my .02.

Again, thanks for setting all this up. I know how much time and effort folks like you and Goeff put into these tests that greatly benefit our whole community. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Fahnon Bennett
Brooklyn, New York

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