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Re: Budget Camera Skin Tone shoot out take 2...

Re: Budget Camera Skin Tone shoot out take 2... #poll


When will you make the big reveal?  I'm super curious as to what was what...

On Tue, May 14, 2019 at 2:32 PM Graham Futerfas <gfuterfas.cml@...> wrote:
Maybe I missed your earlier post… what’s the green fringing? Was it a green screen that you turned grey?

I like the color rendition on C, but I guess my favorite is G because its sharper and also seems to have good color overall. Maybe slightly under-saturated for my taste, but just by a small degree.

The color on E is pretty wild. Is F in focus? Not a fan of H.

Thanks for posting. Now I’m curious which ones I liked and which ones I didn’t.

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