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Re: Budget Camera Skin Tone shoot out take 2...

Re: Budget Camera Skin Tone shoot out take 2... #poll

Colin Elves

Yes - exactly that. I posted previously (it was rushed and had a few problems) and people felt the green would influence colour perception too much so I keyed it out.

As for F: it is indeed in focus. But it is further away than the others (which obviously reveals something to those who want to think about it).

Colin Elves
DP, Berlin.

On 14 May 2019, at 18:34, Graham Futerfas <gfuterfas.cml@...> wrote:

Maybe I missed your earlier post… what’s the green fringing? Was it a green screen that you turned grey?

I like the color rendition on C, but I guess my favorite is G because its sharper and also seems to have good color overall. Maybe slightly under-saturated for my taste, but just by a small degree.

The color on E is pretty wild. Is F in focus? Not a fan of H.

Thanks for posting. Now I’m curious which ones I liked and which ones I didn’t.

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