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Re: FS7 Colors (was: Budget Camera Skin Tone)

Re: FS7 Colors (was: Budget Camera Skin Tone)

Paul Curtis

On 17 May 2019, at 17:31, Bruce Alan Greene <bruce@...> wrote:
If one is shooting a project that will be color corrected in post, if often doesn’t matter much if one records RAW vs LOG.
You make the assumption that the cameras internal colour science in moving from native sensor colourspace to a defined log colourspace does the job well. As you know there are many ways to massage a larger gamut into a smaller one and not all are good. Just saying that on these older Sonys i don't think they did such a good job and the evidence was easily seen side by side. Now things move on and change and i'm just talking about FS700/FS7.

Alistair makes a great point about ProRes RAW. I have no experience of that.

Also even though the cDNG from the O7Q were uncompressed versions of compressed Sony RAW they could still be compressed in post by about 40%.

To be honest it's sort of the same data rates as R3D, so not an insane amount these days.

I would imagine then a FS700 with the Atomos recorders would be a great combination


Paul Curtis, VFX & Post | Canterbury, UK

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