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Re: FS7 Colors (was: Budget Camera Skin Tone)

Re: FS7 Colors (was: Budget Camera Skin Tone)

Mark Weingartner, ASC

On 17May, 2019, at 11:19 11, Jan Klier <jan@...> wrote:

 It also has the ProRes option on the 7Q+ but at that time I believe it’s no longer un-de-mosaiced.

Correct - and as an FS7-specific conversation no disagreement…   though I wonder if a Sony O-XCN recorder will be available as a piggy-back the way the Odyssey does…  I would think not - why would they cannibalize sales of higher end cameras?  

As a side-note - working on a TV show that was shooting Alexa Log C I was  shooting some night plates that would need significant manipulation and not baking in exposure is helpful when shooting "available night” - the  16 bit X-OCN LT data rates are comparable to  10 bit AVC - makes it a no brainer especially with night skylines full of all sorts of odd architectural LED colors - why constrain colorspace or bit depth if I didn’t have to for economic reasons (download time and storage)

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