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Re: HDR question

Re: HDR question


“here burn in their LUTs in this way”

Until log showed up say five years ago the only way - was to “burn” your lut into your work. You picked a gamma curve, set a white point and used traditional methods like protecting whites, nd’s in windows and hmi’s for keys and fills. Don’t be afraid to use a properly calibrated monitor on set and deliver a fully exceptable picture. I still deliver this way 50% of the time. I’ll also mention here that I still see plenty of “post corrected log” looking worse than had I delivered the way (shocker!) I thought it should look. Cranky blacks especially. Finally a 10 bit file even baked with a decent lut has enormous head room and shadow pull - try it in any NLE.

Mark Foerster csc
(905) 922 5555

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