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Re: FS7 Colors (was: Budget Camera Skin Tone)

Re: FS7 Colors (was: Budget Camera Skin Tone)

Cynthia Brett Webster

Art, this reminds me of the first Star Trek movie where the set for the Bridge of the Enterprise was painted pearlecent green and after viewing dailies they paused to repaint the entire set because talent looked sickly green.

Cynthia Brett Webster
Director of Photography
Los Angeles

On Sun, May 19, 2019, 1:59 PM Art Adams <aadams@... wrote:

>Once you stare at skin and and beige backgrounds in the suite for days


Skin against any background that’s somewhat close to flesh tone can be a nightmare.


Years ago I shot a corporate project where the client wanted to use the brand colors for each of their customers as a backdrop. One of these backgrounds was bright orange. I told them this was a bad idea, but of course I just had to “make it work.” Well, it didn’t work. The person looked awful. The orange background caused the viewer’s eye to compensate by making the person look cool and slightly green.


Naturally the client complained that I’d done a horrible job, at which point I rolled up a nearby magazine, held it up against the monitor so it saw only flesh tone, and said, “Her skin looks just fine to me.” It did—if that’s all you looked at.


That camera cost us a ton of money in seamless paper because the client tried to judge the brand colors by eye but the camera I was told to use rendered colors creatively, not accurately. In the end, I pulled up the seamless paper company’s website, white balanced on the screen, and used the video image to find a color match to the brand colors. That worked surprisingly well.


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