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Re: The Results: Budget Camera Skin Tone shoot out take 2...

Re: The Results: Budget Camera Skin Tone shoot out take 2...

Colin Elves

I don’t fully understand why BMD designed the camera without an OLPF. You guys seem to manufacturer them so cheaply it can’t have added too much to the cost. 

Colin Elves
Director of Photography

On 22 May 2019, at 16:41, Fahnon <fahnon@...> wrote:

It's a tough situation because your product is clearly good (some would even say necessary).  I wish you could have your OLPF installed by BMD or order one with the OLPF pre-installed.  I'm sure you've already gone down this road...

On Wed, May 22, 2019 at 8:51 AM Hans Hijmering <hanshij@...> wrote:
We (Rawlite) have asked Blackmagic Design about warranty and our Rawlite OLPF. 

Blackmagic states that warranty can be reasonably expected to be voided if the camera has been damaged as a result of installing the OLPF. 

Furthermore they point out that their offices are not trained to remove the Rawlite OLPF and change back to the original blue glass. Recalibration requires the original blue glass in the camera.

With other issues – if it’s reasonable to expect that the camera has not been damaged as a result of installing the Rawlite OLPF – for example if the LCD isn’t working during the warranty period, warranty is not voided. 

We (Rawlite) recommend to change back to the original glass when sending in the camera. It is obviously very important that dust should not enter the sensor chamber. Dust on the sensor could potentially interfere with a proper recalibration of the sensor.

Please note that the URSA Mini Pro G1 and G2 seem to be designed to facilitate easy switching of filters. The sensor chamber of these camera’s is protected by the ND filter wheel, that sits behind the OLPF. So the chance of dust entering the sensor chamber is less. 

The Rawlite OLPF for the URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G1 is also suited for the G2 version. 

Best regards,

Hans Hijmering  

Rawlite Optoelectronics 
The Netherlands


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