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Re: DXL Millennium and 8K Monstro

Re: DXL Millennium and 8K Monstro

Rakesh Malik

From what I understand, Light Iron has built its own look for the Millenium cameras that does differ from the "stock" Monstro look. I think it's essentially an in camera color grade rather than some proprietary technology, and it's available for Red cameras as part of the Panavision accessory kit for Red.

This is however based on articles from Panavision and Red, and chatting with Michael Cioni at Cinegear rather than personal experience, as I haven't had an opportunity to use a Millenium DXL except in Panavision's booth.


On Fri, Oct 4, 2019 at 3:43 PM Jonathon Sendall <jpsendall@...> wrote:
Does anybody know if there is a colour science (or any other colour difference) between the DXL Millennium 2 and the Red Monstro on which the DXL 2 is based?


Jonathon Sendall
DP, London UK

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