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Re: DXL Millennium and 8K Monstro

Re: DXL Millennium and 8K Monstro

John Brawley

Hi Jonathon. 

I recently did a lot of testing with the DXL2 for a series and in the end made a different choice.

I have tested DXL1 previously and would say that there’s a huge improvement with the DXL2, especially under (real) tungsten lighting. 

The show I’m currently doing has a lot of candles and fire light and that’s what swayed me away from DXL2 in the end. 

As I understand it there’s nothing different inside the camera per se with regards to imaging, but they are working on a Panavision designed OLPF to replace the stock one. I believe it’s late being delivered. 

I was offered a more customised OLPF for the particular issues I was seeing in my tests to try out but we had to make a choice by that point. 

I actually tested Alexa 65, Sony Venice and DXL2 alonside each other and they all had their strengths. 


John Brawley
London UK

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Stacey Testro Int.

On Oct 5, 2019 at 12:43 AM, <Jonathon Sendall> wrote:

Does anybody know if there is a colour science (or any other colour difference) between the DXL Millennium 2 and the Red Monstro on which the DXL 2 is based?


Jonathon Sendall
DP, London UK

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