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Re: DXL Millennium and 8K Monstro

Re: DXL Millennium and 8K Monstro

Philip Holland

Hi Jonathan,

I have gone to both sources for the answer you seek.

All things equal in terms of OLPF used, the RED Monstro and Panavision DXL2 will create the same image.

This is also seen on many of the productions that use DXL2 bodies and utilize the smaller RED Monstro bodies for gimbal, drone, etc....

Panavision's efforts manifest in their LUT/Color Science as well as the few productions that ever use their OLPF.  Most of the DXL2 productions actually use the Low Light OLPF due to the lower noise floor/cleanest image possible across all ISO ratings.  And of course the body design.

I personally mainly use the Standard and Skin Tone - Highlight OLPF.

Hope that helps,


Phil Holland - Cinematographer
818 470 0623

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Hi Andrew, it wasn't about a finished product in terms of footage, it was about seeing whether there was any colour difference between two cameras that have the same sensor but possibly something going on that changes the DXL2 colour. It wasn't a plan to go out and shoot without a OLPF although it may have sounded like it.

Jonathon Sendall
DP, London UK

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