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Re: Resolution, was 8K Samsung TVs

Re: Resolution, was 8K Samsung TVs

Video Assist Hungary

I don’t think using an antenna will give you an uncompressed signal. I’m not sure about ATSC but in Europe, DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-C uses the same compression - from the top of my head, mostly Mpeg2 and some MPEG4.
I used to run a small satellite downlink point with my dad. His hobby was to hunt for feeds, and we have a 180cm Andrews dish with a Tandberg DVB-S receiver. That was before HD. Once we caught an uplink directly from an OB van from the Red Bull air race in Rio de Janeiro. It was SD, but it occupied the whole channel, so it was around 50 Mbit mpeg2 4:2:2 if I remember right. It was one of the best ever picture I’ve seen over the air (we had a broadcast Sony monitor and a Sony tv). It easily beaten most HD channels. Now we are cramming 4K in about the same bandwidth.

Balázs Rozgonyi
CEO video assist hungary

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