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Re: ProRes "RAW"?

Re: ProRes "RAW"?

Rakesh Malik

cDNG's days were numbered long before Adobe blew it off. It was really just a hack to to encode raw video without having to pay for a codec license or a lot of R&D, so it's a good choice for a starter codec. With more resolution though, its low efficiency makes it quite a pain to work with, at least for those who can't afford to spend $2000 a day on hard drives. Most independent productions don't have the budget to deal with massive 4K image sequences -- never mind larger then 4K.

Black Magic Raw isn't limited to one vendor either. Black Magic has been working on adding BRaw recording for non-BMD cameras via its newer monitors... and frankly, given the history of ProRes, it's no surprise that it's taken this long to get support for ProResRaw in Windows other than in Scratch. 

The most common mezzanine codecs are ProRes and DNxHR… neither of which are vendor independent...

On Fri, Apr 10, 2020 at 8:53 AM Daniel Rozsnyó <daniel@...> wrote:

On 04/10/2020 05:30 PM, Keith Putnam wrote:
ProRes RAW is a variable bitrate compressed RAW format, and to quote their own whitepaper: "ProRes RAW data rates benefit from encoding Bayer pattern images that consist of only one sample value per photosite. Apple ProRes RAW data rates generally fall between those of Apple ProRes 422 and Apple ProRes 422 HQ, and Apple ProRes RAW HQ data rates generally fall between those of Apple ProRes 422 HQ and Apple ProRes 4444".

With modern media and plenty of buffering space, there is no longer a need of a constant-bitrate feature.
Also the market and users tends to prefer constant-quality approach.

Basically the reason they created ProRes RAW was to leverage the market penetration of Final Cut Pro by coding an optimized debayering algorithm which only works in Apple's post software.

That is not true. My insight here is, that the DNG and cDNG group managed by Adobe died / fall apart, when Adobe discontinued SpeedGrade and abandonned the RAW video market. There was no proper and open codec, to replace the cDNG, especially in a compressed form. Blackmagic has tried to hack a 12-bit JPEG onto a Bayer footage, but they opted for a half-way solution instead of doing it properly.

On the opposite side, a well thought, and well established ProRes foundation needed only a little adjustment/rework to turn that into what is now ProRes RAW.

ProRes RAW is not limited to a single camera vendor.
ProRes RAW is not limited to a single software vendor.

The only software where PRR does not work is BMD, because they thought BRAW locked to BMD cameras could be a win. Well.. it is not a win.
Everybody who takes their media business serious would prefer vendor-independent file formats.


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