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Re: HDR in the real world

Re: HDR in the real world

Bob Kertesz

<We> make stuff look nice for the lucky people that do get to view
content in a perfect viewing room.
AKA clients, or Those Who Pay The Bills. Of course we do.

Way too many variables in the home, though, and if you dim your lights
to view content, that's another one. Incandescents that go down to a
very 'yellow candlelight' 2000K, and dimmable retail LEDs whose CRI and
spectral rating is always based on not being dimmed affect color and
contrast perception. The recessed LEDs in my living room, which aren't
bad in those areas when not dimmed, go a consistently very slight pastel
green-ish when they are. And I chose those after rejecting almost a
dozen that were much worse. At least they're all the same color when
full up or dimmed as low as they'll go (the only two states in which
they live).


Bob Kertesz
BlueScreen LLC
Hollywood, California

Mostly Retired Engineer, Video Controller, and Live Compositor

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or not.©

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