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Re: HDR in the real world

Re: HDR in the real world

Video Assist Hungary

When I renovated my flat, I have designed my living room totally around the tv (and the two vintage Tannoys). When it turned out the sweet spot on the sofa (60 degrees from each speaker) is not directly in front of the tv, I designed a rail system where the whole cabinet slides two feet to the left, thus blocking the staircase, but coming to the right place.
I also have a ‘smart home’ where written several scenes controlling the lights, one called TV (lots of lights dimmed but generally not very dark) and Movie, where I actually measured levels to be in the standard. Then I took our calibrator home and set the 65” HDR OLED up properly.

Generally, I went a lot of trouble and cost having it exactly right. I wanted the perfect conditions.

I don’t think I used Movie more than three times in two years. Almost all movies we watch at the TV setting. If we’re watching tv series or a rom-com we just leave it at normal. The movie setting is so dark you knock your glass over, bathroom breaks have to be programmed and the dog goes in the other room. It’s unusable.

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