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Re: HDR in the real world

Re: HDR in the real world

Mike Nagel

On Fri, Sep 25, 2020 at 07:26 AM, <alister@...> wrote:
Perfect Master for whom? 
I believe this approach is fundamentally flawed as this is not what the most important people, our audience, will see. We don’t make content to satisfy the small numbers that will view it under perfect viewing conditions, we produce content that will look as good as possible in an average viewing environment to the majority of people
No, your approach is flawed.

You have no idea what the "avg viewing environment of the majority of people" is. Matter of fact, you have ZERO idea. Because it is not only a demographic, regional but also a temporal moving target.

In other words: you don't know the character attributes of your audience (most importantly vision, as that will change w/ age) but also financially b/c some folks (young or old) will have better TV sets and/or calibrated environment, but you also don't know where on the planet the "majority of people" is that watches your stuff and what their avg viewing environment is. Asia is drastically different than Europe. Always has been, always will be.

So even if you buy the current (as in: today) top 10 TV sets, use all of them as client end screen, non-calibrated and find somehow a middle ground where it looks somewhat decent and/or acceptable - you still have ZERO idea which TV settings your audience uses, picture mode etc that will all mess up your compromised "grade".

It's impossible to accommodate for all factors here alone.

Enter father time:

in the future, your audience will watch your content on newer TV sets, not the old, outdated ones that you optimised for, newer sets that will be closer to standards and perform much better. Your content is static, and b/c you compromised it will never look as good as it could have.

You can't win this.

Your only true chance is to master to known standards on calibrated equipment, THIS is how you position yourself dead in the center and this is also how you achieve logically the least amount of avg distance to your audience, who all watch on different sets and in different environments w/ different settings and variable vision.

Mike Nagel

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