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Difference between two Alexa Mini Cameras

Difference between two Alexa Mini Cameras


Dear CML Group,

we are having a problem on set shooting with two Alexa Mini Cameras,

both are on the same lens, same settings (WB, CDL, etc), same stop, same LUT, everything is the same, but one camera unfortunately looks completely different than the other!

In the Image, on the left side, we have the A Cam on top and the B Cam at the bottom.

I then tried to create a LUT to match the two cameras, as can be seen on the bottom right, which matches the B cam to A cam.

It works in this one lighting situation, but in others, it falls apart.

This is the first time we are having such a big difference between two Alexa's and are quite puzzled by it to be honest. We are getting another replacement body next week, but in the meantime I am very eager to find out what the reason could be. It would help for future 2 Camera shows, in regards of what to look for (serial numbers?) and how to remedy that problem.

Thanks for any advice pointing to a solution,

all the best,

Xiaosu Han
currently based and shooting with FFP2 masks in Vienna, Europe

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