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RAW files and camera originals

RAW files and camera originals

Geoff Boyle

Because of the generosity of members a couple of weeks ago we can now afford to reactivate our high speed cloud storage.


RAW files, except for the FX9, are available from C500-2, BMC UMP G2, BMD 12K and also AVC files from the FX9 as we had no ability to record raw from it.

The RAW files of all the LED-Camera tests are there as well so Alexa, BMD G2, C500-2, Kodak 5219, Kodak 5207, Panasonic Varicam, Red Monstro VV & Sony FX9 with 12 different LED lights and Tungsten and Daylight.




Geoff Boyle NSC FBKS
EU based cinematographer
+31 637155076



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