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Further experiments with the G12

Further experiments with the G12

Geoff Boyle

I’m a few weeks away but I will be publishing a series of tests that I’ve been shooting with the BMD G12


I’m shooting at 12K but with a 8K frameline.

I am using a shutter angle as small as I can so that each frame is as sharp as it can be.

Every shot is either handheld or resting on a fence post etc.

In Resolve I am stabilising the shots withing the 8K area so I have a huge amount of repositioning room. I’m using point stabilisation most of the time.

I’m then adding motion blur so that anything moving in shot looks “normal”


I had hoped to be finished by now but I’m using R17 and have suffered some of the “black grades” that are afflicting people.


As this approach can cause issues with Pans or tilts I’m trying to accommodate for that by using the extra room around the image to start biased to one side and then moving across the image in post. This can be combined with “real” pans & tilts to feather off starts and stops.


Is it time consuming? Oh yes 😊 but it’s time consuming at the cheap end of a production.


Geoff Boyle NSC FBKS
EU based cinematographer
+31 637155076



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