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Re: Further experiments with the G12

Re: Further experiments with the G12

Geoff Boyle

This is the first of a series of tests shot on a BMD 12K with frame lines for 8K within that. The point of this test is to try stabilising handheld shots.
The video was graded in a single HDR node in ACEScct, point stabilisation was used on the middle windmill and the image them zoomed 1.5X to match the 8K frame line that I shot.
This is shot handheld! it's not a freeze-frame, look at the sheep on the bottom left :-)
The lens was a Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 that I bought in 2005
. As for lens distortion, that’s a theoretical problem that shows up on charts not general shots 😊
As usual, it looks much darker on Vimeo than it does on my system.




Geoff Boyle NSC FBKS
EU based cinematographer
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How are you dealing with lens distortion on the reframing/repostioning?

Claudio Rocha
East Los Angeles.

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