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Re: Further experiments with the G12

Re: Further experiments with the G12

Brian Heller

Back in the days of HyCams and film,
I did a bunch of work for Avco later Raytheon.

They had a room set up with hundreds and hundreds of PAR64 quartz bulbs run at higher than normal Voltages. 

The room had an interlock system to prevent the lights being turned on while anyone was in the space.  I didn’t have sufficient security clearance to ever see it in action, but just seeing it was amazing.   At the time they were filming things like sidewinder trigger mechanisms.


On Dec 7, 2020, at 2:41 PM, Bob Kertesz <bob@...> wrote:

Digital Domain did a good amount of work with Fincher around that time
and I was curious if you had a hand in it.
I did a couple of projects at DD with Fincher, but not that one.

Here's the final American Gladiators promo spot from 2008, if you or
anyone else is interested in seeing it:


Two phantoms, and due to the high speed and depth of field required, far
more light than I had ever seen before or since on a stage - it was
blinding. The post team did a fine job putting it together, and I was
pleased with how it turned out.

Not having seen it for years, I just realized that the woman Gladiator
with the black hair is Gina Carano, with a recurring role on The
Mandelorian on Disney+ (and a role in Deadpool, among others).


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