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Extreme BMD 12K test

Extreme BMD 12K test

Geoff Boyle



This starts with a totally uncorrected image. Shot at dawn with the camera set at ISO 1600, 12K, 2:40, Q1 and handheld.

The second section has been corrected using BRAW settings only to increase exposure by 2 stops, it was noise reduced in Neat and then stabilised very quickly, it could be better, in Resolve.


Because of limitations of my system this had to be done in 2 passes, exposure corrected and noise reduced and rendered out as 16bitDPX then loaded back into Resolve and stabilised.


If I had a more powerful post system it could have been done in a single pass.


3 year old Dell with Intel i7, 32Gb RAM, RTX1070 with 8Gb, SSD RAID and single SSD for input and output.


This is just a quick and nasty example of what I’m doing at the moment, pushing the camera further and further to see what I can get away with.


Geoff Boyle NSC FBKS
EU based cinematographer
+31 637155076



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