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Re: Extreme BMD 12K test

Re: Extreme BMD 12K test

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I had a similar train of thought a few weeks ago when we were using led panel backgrounds for car shots. The array vehicle had wide lenses, which is okay because it’s lenses are closer to the side of the road than the production camera which was placed outside of the car. 

We had a discussion about shooting a much wider angle but that seemed to create problems. First repositioning seemed to create an effect if the camera was tilted up or down. Also i am not sure that the effect of wide lenses where object very close are distorted would be apparent after zooming in

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Amen. Not to mention the lack of perspective shift
In the blown up frames. There was an article about this in the SMPTE Journal in 1978 or so about shooting in high resolution, 65mm at the time and optically reframing for tight shots. It didn’t work then either. 

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