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Re: Sigma fp

Re: Sigma fp

Rakesh Malik

There really isn't in my opinion much wrong with the fp, except for being from a company that isn't known for cameras, even though it's been making cameras for a long time. IMO the relatively low acceptance of Sigma's prior cameras has more to do with the unwise choice of a proprietary lens mount than anything else.

The fp has good color rendition, good dynamic range, and good ergonomics. The internal recording options, including when using an external SSD, are limited to HD and UHD, and pulldown frame rates only, but it supports DCI when using an external recorder.

Sigma doesn't have any form of log encoding available for the fp, and I don't know whether or not that will change. Fortunately it has quite a bit more dynamic range than AJA's Cion so it hasn't been much of a problem for me so far. I've used it as a B-cam on a couple of shoots alongside a Red camera with a Helium sensor, and it has been pretty easy to match the footage.

I haven't been using it all that much for video though, because its recording format is uncompressed cDNG, which isn't particularly convenient. When I do use it, I usually just transcode the footage to a more manageable clip based format rather than take the time to copy it. I used it on one shoot as an A camera because the client didn't want me to bring the Red, and it was very convenient to be able to after recording the interview portion, just pop the camera off of the tripod and start shooting stills. It's clean enough even at relatively high ISOs to deal with low light pretty well. I usually limit it to ISO 3200, but I've gone as far as 5000.


On Sat, Dec 26, 2020 at 7:44 AM Noel Sterrett <noel@...> wrote:
This tiny full frame 5.9K Bayer sensor L-mount camera shoots 4K Cinema DNG (8 bit internally, 12 bit
with a tiny USB SSD drive attached) and outputs via HDMI to a Blackmagic Video Assist 12G (BRAW) or
Atomos Ninga V (ProRes RAW).

The images I have seen so far are amazing.

Perhaps someone can tell me what's wrong with it?

Happy New Year!

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