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Re: Sigma fp

Re: Sigma fp

John Brawley

The rolling shutter was fairly slow, about 20ms from my memory. 

For use as a stills camera the AF was fairly poor. And errrr the full time rolling shutter for a stills camera was a bit on the slow side. 

Didn’t have LUTS or a very nice workflow from DNG.  Meant you had to know how to grade ;-)

And 8bit DNG seems a bit strange ?

It had/s great potential though. I was looking at it just as directors viewfinder.  They have some good cine oriented features for that purpose too (frame lines and things)

In the end I personally couldn’t justify it replacing anything I’m currently using. A seperate stills camera and small motion cameras. It couldn’t do either job “better”.  But if you want all in one then it’s a great option. 



John Brawley ACS
Los Angeles

On December 26, 2020 at 10:19:27 AM, Noel Sterrett (noel@...) wrote:

On 12/26/20 11:22 AM, Rakesh Malik wrote:
There really isn't in my opinion much wrong with the fp

Thanks. It think it's time to give one a try. With a gimbal stabilizer and small, light camera, one could do a lot for a little.

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