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Re: Sigma fp

Re: Sigma fp

Andrew Hunter

Hey Pawel, 

It doesn’t have genlock or time code inputs. 

We jammed it with LTC timecode over the mic input on the last show I used it on. Camera read the timecode and laid it down as timecode metadata in the CinemaDNG files. 

Andrew Hunter
1st AC 
Toronto, Canada

On Sat, Dec 26, 2020 at 3:58 PM Pawel Achtel ACS <pawel.achtel@...> wrote:

Ø  Perhaps someone can tell me what's wrong with it?


It doesn’t have genlock or time code inputs. It lacks 24fps and 30 fps, only

29.97, 25fps and 23.98 fps in RAW and doesn’t do high frame rates. It also records 1920x1080 and 3,840×2,160, but no full DCI 2K or 4K.

Also, as mentioned, it has rolling shutter. There is no external power option.

But, other than that, it trumps most other digital cinema cameras.

If the above limitations are workable, I wouldn’t hesitate to use it as an A camera on any production (except Giant Screen).

Menus are easy to navigate and a nice change from many digital cameras. Build quality is superb.

Dynamic range and low light sensitivity are first class.


Ø  And 8bit DNG seems a bit strange ?

That’s incorrect. It does support full 12-bit uncompressed Cinema DNG with external SSD recording.


Ø  I haven't been using it all that much for video though, because its recording format is uncompressed cDNG, which isn't particularly convenient.

Uncompressed 12-bit CinemaDNG RAW is excellent format to work with. The data rate is up to 370 MB/s and exceeds that of most other digital cinema cameras.

With the lack of compression comes clack of compression artefacts. It’s nice “thick negative”.


Ø  Sigma doesn't have any form of log encoding available for the fp

Who needs log when there is uncompressed RAW?


Kind Regards,


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This tiny full frame 5.9K Bayer sensor L-mount camera shoots 4K Cinema DNG (8 bit internally, 12 bit
with a tiny USB SSD drive attached) and outputs via HDMI to a Blackmagic Video Assist 12G (BRAW) or
Atomos Ninga V (ProRes RAW).

The images I have seen so far are amazing.

Perhaps someone can tell me what's wrong with it?

Happy New Year!

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