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Re: Curves and Bit Depth - was Sigma fp

Re: Curves and Bit Depth - was Sigma fp

John Brawley

On Dec 27, 2020, at 6:18 PM, Adrian Jebef via cml.news <adrianjebef=yahoo.com@...> wrote:
Yo all I’m gonna say is it’s 2021 so if any of youz still think shooting uncompressed or raw or best quality whatever  is “hard” or “not worth the effort” or “Post says...” y’all need to stop listening to the Crybabies out there 

Thanks for DITsplaining that to me man, but there’s a bunch of studio execs, post production execs and producers that are in front of you my friend that get to arbitrate these things. 

I’m all for shaking the tree, but money talks.  


John Brawley ACS
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