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Re: Curves and Bit Depth - was Sigma fp

Re: Curves and Bit Depth - was Sigma fp

Mitch Gross

On Dec 27, 2020, at 6:00 PM, Pawel Achtel ACS <pawel.achtel@...> wrote:

The size benefit of log raw vs. linear raw is relatively minor.
Perhaps you should once again reread what I wrote. I did not reference Log RAW v Linear RAW (although I do not fully agree with your point anyway, but I digress).

I state once again that 99% of production can do just fine recording a VIDEO CODEC such as ProRes and encoding using a Log curve as provided by just about every manufacturer in their cameras.

Except that the Sigma FP does not offer a Log curve, which was my freakin’ point from the get-go. Given a choice of how I expect most people will utilize a US$1800 camera the size of a deck of cards, I believe that the VAST majority would find a high quality video codec with a Log curve more desirable than an uncompressed RAW recording. If it’s a B-cam than Log video is most likely to match the workflow your A-cam is probably using. If the Sigma FP is your A-cam then I suspect that your scale of production is probably one that would prefer a video workflow over an uncompressed RAW data one. I could be wrong, but I’m betting that the odds are damn well in my favor.

I don’t care if the RAW isn’t hard. I don’t care if you can work with the RAW on your laptop. I don’t care if hard drives are cheap. I don’t care.

I do care that my clients and post will have various issues with it that are not nonsensical. They have issues of time and turnaround and access and established functional workflow, and all of those and more are completely real and justified.

Who gives a shit if it’s better if it’s not what the guy signing the checks wants? If a high quality video format and workflow can do the job nicely than why not fit within that system? Give most people a Log curve on a fat video recording so that it can be graded in post and everyone is happy. Again, for 99% of jobs the results will be great and absolutely more than sufficient for the task at hand.

I really hope my point has been made. I don’t know how more clearly I can state it.

Mitch Gross
New York

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