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Re: Curves and Bit Depth - was Sigma fp

Re: Curves and Bit Depth - was Sigma fp

Geoff Boyle

I swear these threads always derail into a bunch of old farts yelling at each other to slow down


Oh dear, once again, these old farts have been pushing the technology to its limits for far longer than you’ve been alive.

The thing is, we’ve learnt from that experience.

We know what the technology is capable of but we also know that to survive in this business we have to give the clients what they want.

I shot the first NAB promo for the Quantel DPE 5000 at MPC in 1978/9, I could list the history but it’s a waste of time. I’ll stop there.

What am I shooting with at the moment? Err, a 12K compressed RAW camera, usually shooting at Q0 the highest data rate.

The thing is, that works for me but I also understand the realities of production, something you clearly don’t.


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