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Re: Sigma fp

Re: Sigma fp

Paul Curtis

On 28 Dec 2020, at 09:17, Bruce Allen <boacinema@...> wrote:
So my vote for the Sigma fp’s next version would be light raw compression onboard please. Even if it makes it a bit bigger.
This thread has derailed totally so it's nice to see a fp comment!

I would like the next fp to dump out the whole 6K sensor or offer other crops of it.

Whilst i understand the fierce my pixel is bigger than your pixel debate going on, the fp is just a tiny sensor in a box, and as i understand there is no headroom for compression onboard. There's no fan, it doesn't run too hot and it doesn't overheat. But it is not, never, a long form recorder - there are many better choices.

Uncompressed DNG is fine for a lot of cases and when you offload you can offload via SlimRAW straight to lossless compressed DNG and save quite a bit - so the offload process isn't so bad. You can very easily swap standard SSDs.

I spoke to them about adding a curve to the 10 bit version to store all 12 bits but it wasn't something the hardware could do, at that time.

For a low budget indie filmmaker (which i think is the intended audience) it offers fantastic quality. As a crash cam, or a C cam on a larger production it can work well too.

But the biggest thing - i'd like Sigma to open source the OS of the camera to 3rd parties. They are the only manufacturer that could do this as they're not protected a line. I am aware of an SDK in the pipeline but i have no idea what that does and doesn't allow.

Whoever opens up their camera OS and allows access to all hardware will be laughing in that indie/custom market


Paul Curtis, VFX & Post | Canterbury, UK

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