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Re: Curves and Bit Depth - was Sigma fp

Re: Curves and Bit Depth - was Sigma fp

Jan Klier

One refreshing thing about CML for me is, that a large part of the group that participates in the discussions do have deep backgrounds in their field and speak from actual experiences on top tier productions, or are the people who literally wrote the book on the topic. Something dearly missing from many other online forums.


There is of course something good about youthful enthusiasm and to hell with the old ways. Occasionally you have to try and validate that the principles still hold. Occasionally a breakthrough happens, most of the time it ends in a head-on crash though. Part of the process.


Respect is an earned thing. You can add to it, or you can kill it in an instant. My first job out of college, I worked for a young hot-shot VP of Engineering. He was good at telling stories and sounded impressive. He always seemed to know the details and made it work. 9 months into the job though he tripped and stated a tech spec as if it were a fact, when it was easily discernable as a huge inflation. In that instant I lost all respect for him, as someone who just blabs to impress but actually doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Not long after I left the company. The experience stuck with me ever since.


I appreciate that most of what has been said in this thread was based on relevant experiences, backed by verifiable and believable details. The rest seemed to be YouTube personality success fast-tracking that speaks in general terms and large words and gets old fast.


The Brits like to say ‘Mind The Gap’. I think around here maybe we should say ‘Mind The Facts’. Transfer speeds, time to turn around files, budgets, and schedules are generally factual items any production small or large is up against.


Jan Klier

DP/Colorist NYC


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Sorry some of you don’t care. Sorry Sigma released a camera that is too powerful. Sorry Geoff doesn’t have any DIT friends with a new computer. And sorry if I offend some fragile DP ego. Oh well that’s the film biz for ya. Ya can’t have it all. Maybe Sigma will add HD ProRes Log recording in the mark ii.



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