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Re: Curves and Bit Depth - was Sigma fp

Re: Curves and Bit Depth - was Sigma fp

Theo Stanley

I swear these threads always derail into a bunch of old farts yelling at each other to slow down.
I think you are missing their message, or not able to see and think beyond yours.

As a youngish fart who is concerned with the entire dynamics of production and post, I think it makes sense to know the full value of every decision that sets up your project flow.

I understand the notion and part of me applauds people that rail for maximum resolution and raw files all the time as that represents some technical level of aiming to be master of their craft, and the purity of that as a concept.

But I think there is an evolved experiential viewpoint in knowing the right moment when to burden and stress a production and post workflow with that approach.

When you get to the end product, and arrive at the same place, an image without compromise, but walked a lighter more efficient path to get there, and you do this comparatively again and again, there is certainly something smarter in knowing what you can get away with, as you truly know your tools, and when it makes sense to insist on raw, or when you can lead things to the same end with less burden.

The purist in me says raw all the time, and the more evolved realist knows when to pull those punches, without sacrificing one ounce of artistic integrity.

If I just stayed in my corner and did not think holistically, or care about the impact of these decisions down the line, I would be more comfortable with the purist approach.

Theo Stanley
Director / Dp

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