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Re: Integrity - was Curves and Bit Depth

Re: Integrity - was Curves and Bit Depth

Adrian Jebef

MG that's like the best way to say, " Nestor Almendros is a great DP.....  but.....  I'm not that guy. "

Yo that was like 40-some-fing-years-ago when NesAlm told Brackman + Schneider (cubed) that he was gonna shoot the entire picture at sunrise and sunset cause that's why he showed up in the first place. From what I hear, and I head that from the fourth source, Nessy Dross flat out laid down his PLAN in front of ALL dem old farts during PrePro. He done SLAPP'D his book on the table and turned to page WE'RE DOIMG IT TIS WAY CAUSE ME AND MALICKY WANT TO. The bts picture I hass shows ALL deez olwhite dude mouth on da floor jus STARING in dezbelieef. BUT sneaky NSTOR-ALME jus smile and gently REVEAL his intent. Itz da frickn   - W O R K F L O W -   y'all. 




I heard that shit was HARD.

But people seem to remember it. Which is nice.

Adrian Jebef
camera intern

On Monday, December 28, 2020, 10:49:42 PM PST, Mitch Gross <mitchgrosscml@...> wrote:

On Dec 29, 2020, at 1:03 AM, Pawel Achtel ACS <pawel.achtel@...> wrote:

often the biggest limitation of all is the attitude that people have towards their work

It’s not that we don’t all want to do our very best work, it’s that we have to perform within a system with others. There can be completely justifiable reasons (such as time) that a client or post does not want to work one way and prefers to work another. We all have to work together.

Hey, I’d like to only shoot during magic hour. Three shots a day in my perfect light. Sorry but your one day shoot is going to take a week because I’m unwilling to compromise my artistic integrity.

We all make choices when appropriate. Shooting uncompressed RAW is lovely but often not necessary.

Mitch Gross
New York

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