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Re: Integrity - was Curves and Bit Depth

Re: Integrity - was Curves and Bit Depth

Geoff Boyle

Hey, I’d like to only shoot during magic hour. Three shots a day in my perfect light. Sorry but your one day shoot is going to take a week because I’m unwilling to compromise my artistic integrity.


The commercial linked below had a $1.5M budget allowing for inflation, it was shot in ’95.

We had the luxury of doing the same shot at dawn for 4 days.

We had a Wescam, a Louma, an underwater unit and 2 “normal” cameras.

Not many jobs are like that, I was lucky enough to do quite a few.



You do the best you can with what you’ve got, 4 years later I experimented with shooting handheld out of a helicopter using an 11.25 degree shutter and scanning at 2K for a SD finish and adding motion blur. I never used Wescam again. Technology changes and we change with it.

Today my neighbour with his drone could do better.


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