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Re: Integrity - was Curves and Bit Depth

Re: Integrity - was Curves and Bit Depth

Mark Weingartner, ASC

While this has been an amusing thread, I would respectfully submit that we have covered the topic and that the signal-to-noise ratio of this discussion is unlikely to improve.

Without rummaging around and digging out my Listmum hat, I recommend that in the spirit of Good Will and with hopes for a better New Year for us and the societies we live in (and pay annual dues to) we give this topic a rest.

Integrity is always worth talking about - not limited to Raw-log-hdr areas of technical discussion.

Let’s give it a rest, please.

I’m asking this time :-)

Don’t forget, if you have a little extra pocket money floating around as the year draws to a close, CML’s sponsors have not been as forthcoming in this hard year as usual, and a little extra to the CML cause at this time of year would not be wasted.

Best Wishes!

Mark Weingartner, ASC
Woodland Hills, CA

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