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Re: Tested Sony FX9 ProRes RAW and Noise Reduction still works

Re: Tested Sony FX9 ProRes RAW and Noise Reduction still works

Pawel Achtel, ACS

Not directly related to Sony FX9, but I have experimented with noise reduction on my 9x7 camera and, similarly to your experience with Sony FX9, the noise reduction applied at the RAW level appears to be more effective and preserves significantly more shadow detail than noise reduction applied downstream on RGB demosaiced images. In my opinion this is the best place to apply noise reduction.


I’m using proprietary algorithm, but the principle should be the same. These steps can be applied in camera or in post process (RAW to RAW). The former gives you more convenience, the latter gives you more control and usually superior results because, apart from spatial, you can apply temporal noise reduction as well.


One thing to check is whether this noise suppression preserves detail in the shadows and how it compares with noise suppression applied downstream, like Neat Video.  Also, how does it behave with motion? I’m getting results superior to Neat Video (applied downstream).


On a side note, this doesn’t have anything to do with 6K -> 4K binning/averaging (which incidentally also helps noise suppression). These are additional RAW processing steps that can be applied at native Bayer pattern resolution too.


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