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Kevin Shaw HDR lessons

Kevin Shaw HDR lessons

Geoff Boyle

I’ve been watching the first few lessons in this series, thank you Kevin, and they’re great.

Anyone who want to know more about HDR should take the course https://www.fxphd.com/product/introduction-to-hdr/


It’s clear and straightforward without being condescending, just the facts man.


I have the Warren Eagles FXHPD class on Resolve, an old version, and I still refer to it when I get confused about parallel node 😊 which is something that seems to happen often.


This Kevin Shaw HDR series rams home the simple truth that the Shaw clan can teach you more about HDR and images than anyone, Kevin Shaw, Nick Shaw, Steve Shaw, Charles Poynton-Shaw, Josh Pines-Shaw, Bill Feightner-Shaw, JZ-Shaw and Sam Shepherd-Shaw.


Thanks to all of them and particularly thanks to Kevin for this course.

If you don’t know what to do during lockdown then this is a great way to spend your time!





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