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Re: Color Charts for Mars

Re: Color Charts for Mars

Daniel RozsnyĆ³

Here is a more descriptive article about the referred color calibration device, you may find hardware details there as well - its a 1600x1200 Kodak CCD (KAI-2020CM), with a set of 11 filters on a wheel - including ND filters, the sensor is color, with Bayer CFA.

Check also the material on end of page, eg this paper:

Ing. Daniel Rozsnyo
camera developer
Prague, Czech Republic

On 27 Feb 2021, at 21:08, Noel Sterrett <noel@...> wrote:

No need to pack your color charts for a shoot on Mars. A few are already there: https://mars.nasa.gov/embed/25619/

Anyone know what sensor/color science they use?

Noel Sterrett
Admit One Pictures

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