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Wave-Freefly Hi Speed Camera

Wave-Freefly Hi Speed Camera

Andrew Boulter

I tested one of the Wave-Freefly cameras today here in Dubai and came across some issues, and was hoping that those with more knowledge than me, I come from the old world, so my sensor knowledge has wide gaps, could, either tell me what the issue is, and secondly perhaps point out what I did wrong.

Those familiar with these cameras know that the menu system is insanely simple, you basically have size, 4k or 2K, frame rate, upto 420fps in 4k and 1440fps in 2k, shutter angle and a kelvin setting.  Its very small, not much bigger than the original BMPCC and has internal battery and 2TB internal memory.  The workflow is a little clunky, but early days, only works on PC at the moment, the mac one we couldn’t get to function.  but, its a $10K camera……lots to like.

I shot some very unscientific tests filming water both in 4k and 2K at 420 and 1440fps respectively.  The 4K looks pretty clean, but I could see some vertical lines in the shadow areas, however when shooting 2K 1440fps the lines were so evident that frankly the footage would be unusable.  My question is, I don’t know what these lines are……..I am hoping its something that I am doing wrong, but need to be enlightened.  

I have attached a couple of small png's of a frame shot at 1440fps, once downloaded they were put through resolve and then exported as an mp4.  I’d love to share the footage, just let me know, I can share via wetransfer or similar, but I am hoping these screen grabs show you the vertical line issue.  Top left hand corner in the shadow area is where its very evident.

I shot using a 32mm Master Prime, so I don’t feel its a lens issue.

Hope someone can help


Andrew Boulter
Director of Photography
UK based but thanks to Covid, currently in Dubai for the foreseeable

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