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Re: Wave-Freefly Hi Speed Camera

Re: Wave-Freefly Hi Speed Camera

Andrew Boulter

Yes, sorry about the examples, they are not great, here’s one more, I have increased the brightness and raised the shadow areas just to so you can see the pattern.  I hasten to add this is only to see the lines, forget the colours etc.  One of my thoughts was that its to do with a black balance, which isn’t possible, I then thought perhaps the temperature of the sensor might be an issue, I know when shooting Phantom some techs have told me they want the camera to ‘warm up”  

My main question is , what is producing the pattern, obviously the sensor, but what part of it and why?

Andrew Boulter
Director of Photography
UK based but thanks to Covid, currently in Dubai for the foreseeable

On 1 Apr 2021, at 19:25, Colin Elves <colin@...> wrote:

I agree 100% with Alister: the frames are too small to judge (😃) but my initial assumption would be that it’s fixed pattern noise. Most cameras address this with a black balance. If that’s not an option here you’ll need to do it in post.

Colin Elves
Director of Photography
Back in Brussels

On 1 Apr 2021, at 20:10, Andrew Boulter <andrew@...> wrote:

Thanks Alister, seems I forgot to mention one important thing, it was lit with sunlight alone, so its not that.


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