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Re: Sony FX9 camera test

Re: Sony FX9 camera test

alfonso parra

We decided to use the dual ISO base settings ​​for all the curves and thus be able to compare them to the same ISO value, in this case with the cinetone curve we use 800 as for the Slog3 curve so that we can clearly see the differences. If it is interesting to observe how you have made, the curve with different ISO values ​​and compare the results. What surprises me is that by raising the value of the S-cinetone to 800, detail is lost in the highs when normally the opposite happens, by increasing the gain, or the ISO value, the ability to collect detail in the highs increases, losing in the shadows. I don't remember now, but does Sony make any recommendation on the ISO value to use with the S-cinetone or does it indicate how much the middle gray value should be? May I ask you how did you get to 320 ISO in relation to 0db? In the theoretical sensibility test that we did, it gave us that the 800 ISO would be 0db considering the STD5 curve with gamma 2.4, which is actually quite similar to S-cinetone, actually the most similar is the STD3 only that S-Cinetone compresses something else in the highlights. 

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