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Re: good camera body for steadicam to intercut with Venice footage

Re: good camera body for steadicam to intercut with Venice footage

Andrew McClymont (Alpha)

On 22 Apr 2021, at 6:20 pm, Michael Sanders via cml.news wrote:

It maybe worth trying to get your hands on an A7s3 or an FX6, effectively the same camera but the FX6 has TC in and Variable ND ...

As a Steadicam operator, I would much rather deal with an FX9 or even an FX6 if necessary, than an A7S or FX3.

1. We operators like SDI. We’re not looking at an on-board monitor or viewfinder, so we need a robust and reliable connection to the rig.
2. HDMI-SDI converters are annoying, often produce at least a frame or more of image lag, and are prone to intermittent signal failure.
3. We like the ability to power the camera (if necessary) from the rig.
4. Lens mounts need to be super-solid to avoid vibration
5. In this case, putting professional anamorphic lenses on a lightweight camera essentially means mounting the lens to the Steadicam rig, and the camera to the lens.
Which is a lot of fun for quick lens changes ...

Also, small cameras can actually be too light.
To get a full-size rig working properly, I would be adding a weight plate to an A7S/FX3.

So … MiniLFs are a great Steadicam camera.

Andrew McClymont

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