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Re: Sony FX9 camera test

Re: Sony FX9 camera test

alfonso parra

Michael, I'm sorry but I have not compared the two ISO values, I would not dare to guess the results, but if I make an analogy with the 800/4000 values in these I do not notice a difference at all, neither in the DR nor in anything except for a minimum increase in noise to 4000 but not observable in the pictures but in the measurements of the same with charts. 

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El 24/04/2021, a las 11:49 a.m., Michael Sanders <lists@...> escribió:


Have you done a comparison between Scinetone at 320 and at High base 1600 ISO?  I’ve struggled to see any difference between the two but would love to know what you think.


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On 24 Apr 2021, at 16:54, alfonso parra <info@...> wrote:

I completely agree with you, although the difference in DR is not very large in the two ISO values, it is observable that the roll-off of the highlights is more pleasant at ISO 320 than at 800. 
It is really very interesting to carry out the tests, but it seems even more so that it is sharing the results and being able to contrast them with other colleagues. I am infinitely grateful for the time you dedicate to your tests and that you share the results with us, I think it makes us all better cinematographers. 

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